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About Us

The Global Center for Training & Consultations was established in 1998. The main goal of the center is conducting courses and programs of training and development for the employees of both public and private sectors. The goal relates to the importance of human resources development and improvement of the skills, as well as increasing the awareness and knowledge in different fields, which reflects positively on the performance of the employees and their efficiency at work. Subsequently, this develops the institution and improves its role in ascending to the highest ranks. For more information please call +962795443566

Our Vision

To be and remain the pioneers, leaders and distinguished in providing training and consultancy services at local and international levels.

Our Mission

To do our best in providing organizations with the best qualitative training and consultancy services with high professionalism and quality in order to minimize the managerial and technological gap between our organizations and external world.

Our Clients

300 bodies inside Jordan and 700 bodies from Arab countries such as Palestine, Iraq, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Yemen, Libya & Sudan, representing ministries, authorities and government departments, public shareholding companies, private companies, hospitals, banks, unions, private and public universities, charities and individuals.




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