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ROI workshop in Beirut

Dr. Raed Khanfar, CEO of the Global Center for Training and Consultations and a consultant of ROI measurement, participated in the implementation of a workshop on measuring ROI which was held on Wednesday, July 31, 2019, in Beirut at the Hilton Habtoor Grand Hotel that was organized by the BCTS Center and Dr. Wafa Haidamous, ROI partner in Lebanon. The workshop was attended by 30 participants from different sectors in Lebanon.


"Change Management" course in Cairo

A training course under the title "Management of Change" was held in Cairo with the presence of a number of participants from KSA led by Dr. Islam Abdel Salam under the direct supervision of the Executive Manager Mrs. Nada Haroun.

"Creativity in Performance" course in Dubai

A training course entitled "Creativity in Performance" was held in Dubai with a group of participants from KSA led by Dr. Tariq Anwar and supervised by the Center's CEO Dr. Raed Khanfar.

A tour in Jordanian Universities

A special visit on Sunday 3/31/2019 from the Global Center's CEO Dr. Raed Khanfar and it's Executive Manager Ms. Nada Haroun, and Al-Fanar Hotel's management represented by Mr. Ibrahim Mustafa and Mr. Shoukri to his Excellency the President if Amman Arab University, Professor Maher Sliem to discuss cooperation between the Global Center and Amman Arab University which will be soon, after the holy month of Ramadan.

Jordan TV host's GC's CEO.

CEO of the Global Center Dr. Raed Khanfar was hosted on the New Day program on the Jordan TV Channel and talked about the importance of measuring ROI and its five levels and applying it in different sectors and the importance of qualification and accreditation of human resources in this field.

Morning Coffee program hosts Dr. Raed Khanfar

The ANB's Morning Coffee program hosts Dr. Raed Khanfar, CEO of the Global Center to discuss the importance of measuring return on investment (ROI).

Annual ROI partners meeting

On the 9th of March 2019, in the state of Alabama, USA,  all activities, sessions, and workshops of the annual ROI partners meeting have been completed, under the title "Building a Successful ROI Practice" attended by 24 partners and associates representing 14 different countries from six continents. Global Center's CEO Dr. Raed Khanfar participated in this meeting as a partner and an agent of the ROI Institute for Jordan. This meeting lasted for a week, where they discussed the latest tools and methods to measure the ROI as well as the best practices and experiences in this field. Participants were briefed on practical experiences and situations from different countries and sectors in which this methodology is applied. Chairman Dr. Jack Phillips and President Dr. Patti Phillips of the institute, praised the attendees and made sure to support all their partners in the world.

The ANB Channel hosts the Global Center's CEO Dr. Raed Khanfar.

The ANB Channel host's the Global Center's  CEO Dr. Raed Khanfar on it's Qahuat Al-Sabah (Mornings Coffee) program with it's host's Zina Salim and Ahmed Shabib to discuss the GC's plan and it's strategy of excellence and quality.

Global Center for Training and Consultations receives the honorary trophy for golden sponsorship.

The Arab professionals of  Human Resources Association (APHRA) held their annual ceremony on Saturday 10/8/2018 at Al-Fanar Hotel under the patronage of his Excellency, Mr. Yousef Al-Dalabih, former president of the Royal Court, and with the presence of  a  number of university presidents, poets, artists, activists and pioneers and those interested in human resources.

Global Center for Training and Consultations represented by its CEO/Dr. Raed Khanfar received the honorary trophy for the golden sponsorship of the annual conference scheduled to be held in the Jordanian capital Amman, under the title of "Lets rise with our Human Resources".


Global Center for Training and Consultation holds a workshop on Measuring Return on Investment (ROI) in Algeri

Global Center for Training and Consultations held a workshop on measuring Return On Investment (ROI) for the first time in Algeria and North Africa during the period 24-26/10/2017 in Sheraton Club De Spins Resort.