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A seminar on measuring Return on Investment (ROI)

A seminar was held at Amman Arab University on Saturday 29/2/2020 on measuring the Return on Investment (ROI) which was led by the Center's CEO & a certified ROI consultant in Jordan Dr. Raed Khanfar and was attended by a group of students & members of the University Staff.

Dr. Raed Khanfar presented during the lecture the benefits of measuring ROI, it's five levels & how it can be applied to projects. The seminar was very interactive.

A specialized training program in Kuala Lumpur

A training program specialized in HR Management was held in the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, and led by the center's CEO, Dr. Raed Khanfar.

Loyalty course in Monarch Hotel

On Saturday 18/1/2020, a special workshop that lasted for four hours was held by the Global Center & led by Dr. Hassan Khasawneh for the Monarch Hotel staff in Amman - Jordan, and in which more than twenty employees of the hotel attended, beliving in the hotel's management; the General Manager, Mr. Ahmad Al-Hwaiti & HR Manager, Miss Ruwaida Al-Khalayleh & in the importance of training and development for employees and enhancing loyalty between the employee and the institution under the title, Institutional Loyalty & the importance in raising employee efficiency and performance, hence the return to the workplace & increasing productivity. Supervised by the Center's Executive Director, Mrs. Nada Haroun.

Course graduation at the Pepsico company premises

The graduation of specialized courses in Labor Law, Income Tax & Social Security was held at the Pepsico Company premises on Thursday 16/1/2020, under the supervision of the Center's Executive Director, Mrs. Nada Haroun and with the presence of the Center's CEO, Dr. Raed Khanfar.

Signing memory of understanding between the GC & Al-Tanweer company in Libya

In the presence of the Center's Executive Manager, Mrs. Nada Haroun, a memory of understanding has been signed at the center's main headquarters in Jordan with Al -Tanweer company for education & training in Libya to hold specialized training programs in 2020.

The completion of "Hardware and Software maintenance of laptops" course in Zarqa.

Organized by the Global Center for Training and Consultations, with the cooperation of RRDS and the support of the US government. The training sessions of Hardware and software maintenance of laptops course concluded at the Sharif Nasser Bin Jameel Military College in Zarqa, under the direct supervision of the centers CEO, Dr. Raed Khanfar.

ROI on A one TV Channel

On Friday 3/11/2019, Dr. Raed Khanfar, CEO of Global Center for Training & Consultations was hosted in the morning show on A one TV channel to talk about return on investment (ROI).

Dr. Raed Khanfar is Certified ROI Professional (CRP).

The Global Center's family in headquarters in Jordan and in branches and offices all over the world extends their warmest congratulations to Dr. Raed Khanfar, CEO and General Manager of the center, for becoming CertifiedROI Professional (CRP), accredited by the ROI Institute in the USA. By that, he is the first certified consultant and trainer in this field in Jordan.

Strategic Planning in Morocco

A training program entitled "Strategic Planning & Creative Performance to Achieve Goals" was conducted in the Moroccan capital, Rabat, under the direct supervision of the Global Center's CEO, Dr. Raed Khanfar.

Leadership training program held in Cairo

A leadership training program was held in Cairo and was led by Global Center's CEO, Dr. Raed Khanfar.