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Global Center Receives Delegate of Libyan National Oil Corporation

A delegate of National Oil Corporation in Libya has visited the premises of Global Center for Training & Consultations in Jordan. Dr. Raed Khanfar, the CEO, and Mrs. Nada Haroun, the executive manager, were in reception.
Both parties discussed the renewal and activation of mutual cooperation in training and consulting in the near future, and to benefit from the long expertise that GC have to qualify and train the staff of NOC and the affiliated companies

Conclusion of Hamada Group Courses in GC

 "Capabilities Building & Skills Development" courses for Hamada Group regional managers, branch managers & employees were concluded in GC premises. The courses lasted for three weeks and delivered by Dr. Jehan Alfarra and Mr. Firas Bakeer. At the end of courses, Dr. Raed Khanfar, the CEO, was very thankful to Hamada Group represented by General Manager, Mr. Raed Hamada, for his interest in development and motivation of their staff

Strategic Partnership Between Hamada Group & Global Center

Strategic partnership agreement has been signed between Global Center for Training & Consultations represented by Dr. Raed Khanfar , the CEO, and Hamada Restaurants Group represented by Mrs. Samar Abu Hantash the manager of programs and activities. The agreement to cooperate in initiative of " Together For Them .... We Train " where GC will train the staff of Hamada Group and will participate in the activities to be held in 2022


Global Center Concludes TOT Course in Istanbul

Global Center for Training & Consultations has concluded a training course on TOT in Istanbul - Turkey which lasted for one week, under the direct supervision of Dr. Raed Khanfar the CEO and GM of the center





The committee of Jubeiha Medical Center in GC

The Jubeiha Medical Center committee visits the Global Center for Training & Consultations in Amman - Jordan on the Represented by Dr. Ali Al Dweeri, Dr. Mahmoud Al Sweilmeyeen, Amneh Al Yedik and Ilhaam Al Kadi, the meeting was with Dr. Raed Khanfar; CEO of the Center where he gave detailed explanation on the center's activities in the fields of training and consultations and the prospects of cooperation was discussed in Serving the local community through the center's services and courses throughout the year.

Signing an Agreement of Cooperation with the Union Center for Media Training (UCMT)

The achievements of the Global Center for Training and Consultations continue, despite the circumstances imposed by the covid-19 pandemic. A cooperation agreement has been signed with the Union Center for Media Training (UCMT) in Lebanon, to enhance interdependence and exchange experience and services in the field of media training. That aims to support cooperation between the two parties in providing training services through electronic platforms with the issuance of joint certificates for the participants. Training workshops in the field of media and awareness seminars will also be implemented.

“Ford F-550 Maintenance Training” Course Concluded in Royal Maintenance Corps

Global Center for Training & Consultations, in cooperation with RRDS and Ford Jordan, with the support of the US government, concluded the activities of the “Ford F-550 Maintenance Training” course at Amman's Central Workshops affiliated with the Royal Maintenance Corps, and under the direct supervision of the Center’s CEO, Dr. Raed Khanfar.

Dr. Raed Khanfar elected as member of Board of Directors of the International Federation of Training and Development Organizations (IFTDO)

Dr. Raed Khanfar (Global Center's CEO) has been elected as member of the Board of Directors of the International Federation of Training and Development Organizations (IFTDO) by the Federation's General Assembly at its meeting this year, which included members representing about 50 countries in addition to members of the current Board of Directors.

The IFTDO was formed in 1972 in Geneva - Switzerland, and it is a global non-profit organization concerned with the transfer of knowledge, skills, and technology; To enhance the development of human resources and pay attention to youth talents and women's programs in leadership and skills, in addition to raising the level of job performance and productivity, and achieving sustainable development to support the economies of countries by paying attention to the human element.

The International Federation of Training and Development Organizations (IFTDO) is one of the most multicultural and multinational international organizations, and this is evident through its diverse board of directors whose members represent various countries of the world, including USA, Britain, Ireland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Malaysia, India, Taiwan, Jordan, UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Nigeria and other countries.

the Federation's members form a wide network of experts and specialists in the management and development of human resources from various institutions in the public and private sectors, companies, universities and others. As they numbered more than half a million (500,000) members representing more than 50 countries around the world.

Mrs. Nada Haroun wins third place - the first cohort for the 50 most influential women in the world

The GC family congratulates the Executive Manager in Jordan, Mrs. Nada Haroun, for winning the third place - the first cohort in the 50 most influential women competition in the world, which was launched by Passion International University in USA in cooperation with the Association of Jordanian Women Pioneers.

Wishing her more accomplishments and distinction on a professional, voluntary and social level.

Dr. Raed Khanfar has been awarded the best ROI study in 2019

The GC family at its main HQ in Jordan and branches around the world congratulate the CEO and General Manager Dr. Raed Khanfar on winning the award for the best ROI study in 2019 in the annual competition organized by the ROI Institute in USA. The study was titled "Measuring Return on Investment (ROI) in Leadership and Creativity for Performance".