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GC Opened Course in Advanced Leadership

GC started course in "advanced leadership", and have participated in this course trainees from the ASEZA and the civil defense and the Qatar armed forces.

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GC has Finished a Course in" Computerized Procurement and Warehousing"

Global center has finished a course in "computerized procurement and warehousing", on Wednesday 16/11/2011 and a number of participants from

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"Strategic Planning using Balanced Scorecards" Course in GC

Among the course series GC holds to increase the performance level locally and internationally, GC has held a course of "Strategic Planning using 

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GC opened "Governmental Budgets" Course in Dubai1

GC opened course entitled "Government Budgets" in Dubai in October. a number of staff of government departments and private sector participated

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GC holds a course entitled "Files & Official Documents Archiving

GC holds a course entitled "Files & Official Documents Archiving", which lasts for a week. This course aims to give participants the skills and abilities

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GC in "MEOS 2011" event in Bahrain

GC had participated in "MEOS 2011" event for oil & gas in Bahrain, which has been organized in cooperation with "Getenergy" company, and has been

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