Training & Development


  • Management
  • Human Resources
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Purchases & Warehousing
  • Computer & Information Technology
  • Media & Public Relations
  • Quality Assurance
  • Safety & Security
  • E-Commerce
  • E-Government
  • Environment
  • Engineering
  • Statistics
  • Law

Training Staff

Courses and workshops are supervised and implemented by a group of competent and specialized trainers and experts, who have a wide experience in their major field. The center is interested in gathering these trainers and experts in order to achieve the highest degree of benefit.

Location Of Courses

Our training courses and workshops are conducted in a number of countries rather than Jordan such as: Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Sudan, UAE, Cyprus, Turkey, Malaysia, and Saudi Arabia.

Some of the training courses that are arranged in Jordan & UAE are conducted in GC premises where there are three training rooms fully equipped with the necessary tools & equipments for training in addition to a computer lab that contains a number of modern and developed PCs that are connected by network. Moreover, GC is a Wi-Fi zone.

The second part of the courses is conducted in conference rooms in the first class hotels equipped with modern necessary tools & equipments for training.

Furthermore, some courses are held inside the organizations, firms and companies upon their request.

All programs and courses can be tailored to suit your training requirements and time limitations.

Training Methodology

  • Presentation by GC consultants
  • Individual and group exercises
  • Case studies and small project
  • Pre & post evaluation of trainees
  • Brain storming
  • Group discussions
  • Simulation methods
  • Role-play
  • Video films
Location: Month: Class:
Course Title Classification Start Date Finish date Location
Art and Skills of Decision-Making From the Legal Perspective   New law 26. Dec 2018 30. Dec 2018 Istanbul -Turkey
Management and Cost Accounting  New Finance and accounting 26. Dec 2018 30. Dec 2018 Istanbul -Turkey
Managing Individuals Effectively  New Humanity resources 26. Dec 2018 30. Dec 2018 Istanbul -Turkey
Principles of Financial Analysis  New Finance and accounting 26. Dec 2018 30. Dec 2018 tunis - Tunisia
Strategic Planning Using Balance Scorecards  New Management and administrative development 26. Dec 2018 30. Dec 2018 tunis - Tunisia
Executive Secretarial Work and Office Management  New Archiving and secretarial 24. Dec 2018 27. Dec 2018 Amman - jordan
Internal Auditing of ISO, 2000-9000  New Information technology 24. Dec 2018 27. Dec 2018 Amman - jordan
The Legal Aspects of Electronic Management  New law 24. Dec 2018 27. Dec 2018 Amman - jordan
Training of Trainers Using Modern Techniques  New Humanity resources 24. Dec 2018 27. Dec 2018 Amman - jordan
Financial and Management Indicators of Government Performance  New Finance and accounting 19. Dec 2018 23. Dec 2018 Kualalumpur - Malaysia